Danny Gordon-Owner


limited warranty

Engines rebuilt by Gordon's Engines are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials as follows:

  • 12 months / 12,000 miles whichever comes first unless a written agreement otherwise is supplied. No labor allowance.

conditions of warranty

This condition applies to entire product sold by Gordon's Engines, but does not apply to:

  • Damage as a result of overheating, lack of lubrication or contamination.
  • Repair or replacement required as a result of an accident or misuse.
  • Repair or service of the engine by anyone other than Gordon's Engines, unless authorized in advance in writing by Gordon's Engines. (Does not include consumer maintenance required under this warranty.)
  • Damage resulting from detonation or pre-ignition. Nor does it provide coverage for damages resulting from faulty electrical, computer or turbo components.
  • Oil, anti-freeze, filters, spark plugs or other consumable replacement items. PURCHASER OBLIGATIONS FOR THIS WARRANTY TO REMAIN IN EFFECT.
  • Have all motor oil and filter changed 500 miles after delivery and then at intervals of no more than three-thousand (3,000) miles.
  • Provide receipts to evidence compliance with the above conditions at the time of making any claim under this warranty. Receipts must be printed and issued by a firm or commercial operation, which performed the work.
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check motor oil and coolant levels, to monitor gauges and lights to insure proper engine operation.
  • Engine must be installed by licensed mechanic.

General limitations

  • No labor allowance to pull or replace engine. Products thought to be defective must be delivered, out of chassis at the purchaser's expense, to Gordon's Engines.
  • The duty of Gordon's Engines is to repair the product. Gordon's Engines shall have no liability for consequential or incidental damage, including without limitation, towing charges, storage charges, car rental charges or damages to other parts or units not furnished by Gordon's Engines as part of the engine.
  • Gordon's Engines has no liability or responsibility for any work done on an engine by any person other than itself unless authorized in writing in advance by Gordon's Engines.

enforcement of warranty

​Engines thought to be defective must be delivered, out of chassis, for inspection and correction to Gordon's Engines. Parts or workmanship covered by this warranty and found to be defective will be repaired at the expense of Gordon's Engines. If inspection reveals damage or failure caused by factors not covered by this warrant, there will be a charge made for all parts and labor used in repairs.